Mission of Mobilization

Objective of the Mobilization – Implementation Procedure

The objective of the Mobilization is reservists’ induction, recruitment and appointment to military units, in order to transition these units to their war time establishment and organization.

Based on the current institutional framework, the Army’s Reserve consists of all trained reservists who are subject to mobilization, in accordance with the legislation, as follows:

• Officers – Career NCOs until they reach the specified age limit per case.

• Soldiers, until the age of 45.

Reservists are appointed through a computerized system to their Units by the Mobilization Division of the Hellenic Army General Staff, depending on their place of residence, specialization and rank.

The Army’s Reserve Officers and soldiers are distinguished, depending on their age, to:

• A Reserve Series: Up to 40 years old

• B Reserve Series: From 41 to 45 years old

Enhancement of the Reserve’s Operational Readiness

The modernization and the new Structure of Forces require the adoption of a new policy, regarding the establishment, organization and training of reservists. Based on the above, the Mobilization Division of the Hellenic Army General Staff is elaborating the improvement of all Mobilization Fields. In detail, the most essential Fields are the following:


• Improvement of Reserve Refresher Training

The new weapon systems and the development of technology require military personnel with high education, who will constantly renew their knowledge, incorporating the changes that the evolutions of technology bring to the art of war. Taking this ascertainment under consideration, high level training courses are implemented for reservists, in order to meet the requirements.

• Mobilization Information System

The Mobilization system was handwritten until 1978. In 1980, a computerized system of Mobilization was applied all over Greece. Since 2008, the development of a new advanced computer system has been completed.

The Mobilization Division operates the central information system, which exchanges data with the Mobilizing Authorities, through a Pan-Hellenic computer network, as well as with other Services and Ministries. The system is evolving and improving, depending on the operational requirements.

• New Reserve Categorization

The Reserve Forces in the future Armed Forces will be definitely smaller in number, while, at the same time, a “pool” of well trained reservists of high readiness, capable of intervening immediately wherever and whenever required, should be created.