Conscription Deferments - Exceptions

To ensure the unimpeded operation of organizations, enterprises and services, which are necessary for the country’s way of life and national defence, their personnel is provided CONSCRIPTION DEFERMENTS since peacetime.

The CONSCRIPTION DEFERMENTS issues are regulated under LD 107/73.

Upon a decision of the Conscription Deferment Council, through the following procedure:

  • The Organizations and Enterprises called Category A are specified, which are necessary for the country’s way of life and national defence.
  • Conscription Deferments are granted every three years and, complementary ones every year.

No Conscription Deferments are granted to:

  • soldiers who have not completed the 30th year of age and who have surpassed the 40th year. For Reserve Officers, the age limits of the respective regular officers apply.
  • soldiers condemned for crimes of draft evasion – desertion – espionage – treason, etc.
  • soldiers degraded or struck off the strength of the reserve.
  • soldiers under draft evasion or desertion.
  • soldiers not having completed one (1) year of service in the specific appointment or specialization, for which conscription deferment is requested.

Ex-officio Conscription deferments

They are granted by the Recruiting Services, in accordance with article 11 of the Law to:

  • the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Secretary Generals of Ministries, Directors of Ministries, Members of the Parliament, Prefects and Alternate Prefects.
  • Diplomatic or Consular officials, working at Foreign Agencies.
  • Those serving at Security Forces.
  • Customs officials and Counter-Smuggling Services officials at sea.
  • Those serving at the National Intelligence Service.
  • Those serving at the Independent Emergency Design Policy Departments of Ministries, Regional Commands and Prefectures
  • Officials serving in NATO (in the interior and abroad).
  • Police Sergeants, Police Corporals and Correctional Officers of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Employees at the Hellenic Railways Organization, as personnel of the railway stations.

The Mobilization Units should update Mobilization’s computer application with the ex-officio Conscription deferments, after being informed by the Recruiting Services.

The limitations previously stated do not apply to the ex-officio.

Nominal Conscription Deferments

They are granted to A Category organizations and enterprises personnel, the product or the services of which are not provided for the benefit of the Armed Forces.

Grant procedure:

The political ministries submit the supporting documents regarding their personnel to the Staffs of the Services the reservists are subject to, which after examining the supporting documents, they give their opinion regarding the grant of a Conscription Deferment to each one (1) reservist and submit to HNDGS competent Directorate numerical and nominal lists of reservists who can be granted a Conscription Deferment or not, per Ministry, Organization and Enterprise.

Group Conscription Deferments

They are granted to:

  • Personnel of the A Category Enterprises, Organizations, Services, which will operate for the benefit of the Armed Forces.
  • Civilian Personnel of the Armed Forces.
  • Employees in various Agencies (Hellenic Post Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Civil Aviation Organization, Hellenic Railways Organization, National Meteorological Service, Public Power Corporation, etc.), as specified in Article 12 of the Law.

Grant procedure:

The agencies, enterprises and organizations submit a grant request for their personnel to the Staffs of the Services the reservists are subject to. The Staffs, based on the mobilization needs, approve the conscription deferments and inform them about this approval.


The following reservists categories are exempted from the obligation to fulfil a reserve military obligation, in accordance with the provisions of L.3421/2005 (Article 49, para 2), in conjunction with the article 13 and article 30 of F. 429.1/5/150045/D.11/4 Jan 2006/Deputy Minister Decision “Regulations on of Certain Recruitment Issues”, as it applies today, in conjunction with the provisions of Emergency Law 833/37 (Article 29):

  • Reservists judged or under judgment as unsuitable for enlistment, due to health reasons, by the competent Medical Committees or Boards of the Armed Forces.
  • Reservists irrevocably convicted by any penal court to imprisonment or to a sentence which implies degradation for army officers and the crime for which they have been convicted has not been amnestied, nor a pardon or an extinguishment of the sentence which remedies the consequences of the conviction have been granted.


In accordance with the aforementioned provisions, the following reservists’ categories are excluded from the enlistment call-ups in the Armed Forces:

  • Reservists, who at the date they are obliged to enlist are hospitalised in a Public Hospital or a Hospital of a Public Entity or of Self-Government Organization or in a Foreign Hospital, or reservists who follow a course of treatment in domestic Addiction Treatment Centers or respective ones, within the time period they were called for exercise or refresher training, are obliged to report to their Units, based on the call-up they received, provided the exercise or refresher training continues and the rest of its duration is at least two (2) days after the following day of the date they are discharged from the hospital.
  • Those obliged to enlist, who at the date of their call-up are imprisoned or confined by any competent Authority in the interior or abroad, in accordance with the provisions in effect, or they are permanent foreign residents, as well as those who are and live continually abroad during the last two months before the date of their obligatory enlistment.
  • Those having two (2) or more siblings serving in the Armed Forces.
  • Reservists who are called for an exercise or refresher training and during the last calendar year have been discharged from the Armed Forces or have enlisted in a reserve or refresher training exercise, or have participated three (3) times in a reserve or refresher training exercise during the last five years. In particular, Army reservists residing in the Area of Responsibility of D Army Corps (Eastern Macedonia-Thrace) and of the Higher Military Command of Interior and Islands (Aegean islands) are not subject to the aforementioned exceptions. In case of a call-up for enlistment during mobilization, this exception does not apply.
  • Reservists who cannot enlist for an exercise or a refresher training for reasons of force majeure. In this case, the person concerned submits the supporting documents which justify the reason and duration of force majeure, to the Recruitment Division of the Formation to which the Mobilizing Authority that called them is subject to........../Recruitment Division, tel.......(point of contact:...........). The Recruitment Division recommends approval of the request and until the previous day of their enlistment, it should notify the decision to the reservists concerned. Supporting documents that are submitted after the enlistment date are accepted and evaluated accordingly.

Actions in Case of Exception from the Class

If there is a reason for exception, the reservist, bearing the necessary supporting documents, travels immediately to the competent Recruitment Division of the Major Formation that has called him up or to the competent Recruiting Service of his area or to the Mobilization Unit which monitors him in terms of mobilization.

If no answer is received that the exception was made or if time does not suffice for the exception documents to be sent, the reservist is obliged to report to a unit, no matter what, so that he is not declared draft evader. In this case, the exception reasons will be evaluated by the Special Recruiting Board during your enlistment.


ATTENTION: If you do not receive an answer from the Recruiting Service or the Mobilization Authority that you have been exempted or if the time is insufficient for you to send the documents that justify your exemption, you must report to the unit in any case, otherwise you will be declared as a draft evader. In this case, the reasons of your exception will be evaluated by the Special Recruitment Council, during your enlistment.