Promotions of Reserve Officers

Reserve Officers are promoted up to the rank of Captain, provided the following conditions apply (Article 36 of Emergency Law.833/37 and Standing Order 422/84/HAGS/1st S.O.):

• They have served a term of five years in each rank.

• Officers, proposed for promotion, should not have surpassed the age limit of their rank or should not surpass it by the 31st of December of the year in which promotion proposals are submitted.

• They have participated in a National or Joint Exercise, a seven (7) to nine (9) days’ refresher training or training conducted in the School of Application of the Arm or Corps they belong.

• They possess the necessary essential qualifications, which result from the appraisal of the persons proposed and the rest supporting documents of the proposal (Command and professional ability, discipline, education, zeal, health, awards, performance at schools, etc).

Especially for the Officers of all Corps (except for the Supply and Transportation Corps), the participation in a National or Joint Exercise and a seven (7) to nine (9) days’ refresher training is not required. Also, as an exception (Article 8, of LD 4089/60), the Reserve Officers may be promoted up to the rank of Major, provided:

• They are not younger than 40 years old.

• They remained five years in their current rank and they have not surpassed the age limit of their rank, which is 53 years old for Second and First Lieutenants and 54 years for Captains.

• Outstanding national, social and military action, meaning they have provided special services contributing (in individual or collective activities) to the defence of the Country and the national interests.

• They make donations for the Armed Forces.

• They participate in raising money/making donations for charity reasons.

• They have elaborated on studies, contributing directly or indirectly to the improvement or increase of the Country’s defence manpower.

• Active participation in conferences-associations-organizations, aiming to project the national positions and the Armed Forces of the Country.

• Special distinctions in the social, financial and cultural field, through which the Country is projected.

• Special distinction during war time.

• Special performance and distinction in military training (military schools-exercises-mobilization).

• Awards (citation, medals, etc), for distinguished actions towards the Country and the whole society.

The provision of the aforementioned special services is required, as it is evident from official data (certificates, certifications) provided by a Military Authority or other Agencies (Ministries, Federations, Associations, Unions, etc).

The person concerned should collect the supporting documents and submit them to the Mobilization Unit or The Recruiting Service that supervises the reservist, in order to proceed with the statutory promotion procedure.