Obligations of Reserve Soldiers

Obligations in Peacetime

The reservist, after been discharged from the Army, is incorporated in the Reserve and receives a Special Travel Order bearing the colour:

  • GREEN, for his appointment first in a Unit, with the duties and specialization that he had during his military service.
  • WHITE, which puts him on hold for a future appointment in a Unit, depending on the arising needs.

Guidelines and Obligations during Mobilization Period

The reservist call, in case of Mobilization, can be effected through the Mass Media (radio, TV, newspaper, internet), Proclamations’ posting, or through handing over Individual Call-Up Orders.

f the announcement is made through the Mass Media, then the reservist will be called using one of the code words registered on the upper part of the Special Travel Order, like:

  • The colour of the Special Travel Order.
  • The Omega (Ω) letter along with one (1) number.
  • The Unit’s code number, consisting of two (2) letters, with one (1) four digit number.

To verify that he is called up, he has to examine whether the announcements include one (1) of the aforementioned code words.

In case he is mobilized, he must take the following under consideration:

  • The limited time he has to settle his imminent family affairs.
  • Study the brief guidelines written on the Special Travel Order carefully.
  • When departing for his Unit, he should take with him:
    • -- Food for two (2) days (iron rations).
    • -- His ID.
    • -- His mobilization documents.
    • -- His Driver’s License (if any).
    • -- One (1) small bag with personal items.
  • Depart for the Unit registered on the Special Travel Order (or Individual Call-Up Order) immediately, in order to report on time. For this reason, he may use any transport, combined with the tickets enclosed in his Special Travel Order. Instructions to fill in and use the tickets of the Special Travel Order are given on the back side of the tickets.
  • In case he has difficulty travelling fast towards his Unit, he should report to the Reservists Forward Barracks or to the Reservists Assembly Area recorded on section “Guidelines Regarding Your Travel”, on the front of the Special Travel Order or the Individual Call-Up Order, in order to be forwarded to his Unit from there. If he is far from the Reservists Forward Barracks or the Reservists Assembly Area, he should report to the nearest Garrison Station or Police Authority, in order to facilitate his travel.