Types of Reservists' Refresher Training

The types of reserve refresher training and the frequency of the reservists’ call-up are specified through:

• Ministerial Decisions.

• Standing Order 3-27/2020/HAGS/A4

• L.3421/2005 “On Recruitment of the Greek Men and Women and Other Provisions” (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE 302/13 Dec 2005 v.A).

The duration of training, the specific training subjects and the training sites are specified by the Standing Order 3-27/2020/HAGS/A4 and the proposals of the Major Formations.

Types of Reserve Refresher Training (through physical attendance):

• Three (3) days Test of Operations and Logistics Plans.

• Two (2) weeks training in a new specialization.

• Six (6) days training in new weapon systems.

• Six (6) days training in weapon systems owned by Active Units in small numbers or systems that only exist in Mobilizable Units.

• Six (6) days training in critical specializations.

• Six (6) days participation in National-Joint Exercises.

• Reserve Officers Training in Arms-Corps Schools [out of which three (3) days e-learning and three (3) days physical attendance]

• Reservists call-in of specific Units, which have been programmed for National Operational Evaluation.

• Three (3) days Informative Visit for the Commanders-Deputy Commanders of the Mobilizable Units.