General Directions

Mobilization is conducted based on a Plan, drafted in detail during peacetime, for the faster and more effective confrontation of any hostile threat. It includes:

• The reservists’ call-up from the Reserve.

• The commandeering of vehicles/machines to satisfy the Armed Forces requirements.

In this context, during peacetime, online mobilization forms are sent to the owners of the vehicles under commandeering. In case of transition from peace to war status, if and provided you are notified, you should follow the directions on the mobilization forms already dispatched to you.

During the vehicle/machine commandeering, reimbursement is paid corresponding to the value of the vehicle, or a lease for the time period it will be used.

The types of the online mobilization forms regarding the commandeering of vehicles/machines are the following:

• GREEN Special Military Order.

• YELLOW Special Military Order.