Obligations of Professional Soldiers - Enlisted Men of Short Reconscription in Reserve

Mobilization Appointment of a PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER under Retirement

When a PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER retires or is discharged and provided there are no reasons (health or disciplinary reasons) to forbid his mobilization appointment, the following procedure applied:

After the Mobilization Division is informed about his retirement, all necessary checks are made and all necessary data are collected, his name is deleted from the list of regular officers as “Active”. Afterwards, the computer section of the Mobilization Division updates his status as “Retired” and all his personal data are updated (Address, phone number, etc), in accordance with his solemn declaration.

If the PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER meets the requirements for the mobilization appointment, he is appointed, in terms of mobilization, to the Unit of his discharge and holds his specialization, without his residence prefecture being taken under consideration.

Mobilization Appointment of an ENLISTED MAN OF SHORT REENLISTMENT under Retirement

After the Mobilization Division is informed on his retirement, receives the necessary supporting documents from the Discharge Unit and assumes that no reason forbids his mobilization appointment, then the Division deletes the current mobilization appointment and re-appoints him, in terms of mobilization, in his discharge Unit, with the specialization he had.