Guidelines-Obligations in Peacetime

The regular Officers-NCOs upon their retirement are incorporated in the Reserve, and they are employed for the organization of the Mobilizable Units and as Filler Personnel of Active Units, in appointments provided for their rank, or as Temporary Filler Personnel.

According to article 6 of L.833/37 (Government Gazette 351/37) “On Reserve Army Officers”, the age limit of the Reserve Officers is the one applied for “The Regular Officers”.

By virtue of L. 3883/2010 (Government Gazette 167/A) the retirement age limits of Regular Officers set out by to L.2439/1996 (Government Gazette 219/A), were abolished, under the reservation of Article 91.

According to article 91 of L. 3883/2010 (Government Gazette 167/A) for the members who completed twenty five (25) years of actual service until 31-12-2012 (it concerns the enlisted until 1987), the following age limitations apply:

• NCO 50 years

• Warrant Officer 54 years

• Second-First Lieutenant 53 years

• Captain 54 years

• Major 55 years

• Lieutenant Colonel 56 year

• Colonel 58 years

• Brigadier General 59 years

• Major General 60 years

• Lieutenant General 62 years

• General 65 years

The aforementioned age limits, in the ranks of Colonel up to Major General, are increased by five (5) years for Chaplains Corps Officers and by five (5) years for Medical Corps Officers.

The regular Officers-NCOs exiting the Army receive from the Unit they served, based on the report they submitted, a common Travel Order regarding their permanent residence.

Whenever required and depending on the needs dictated by the Mobilization Plan, it is possible for them to receive by mail from the Mobilizable Authority (Mobilization Unit) of their place of residence a Special Travel Order, of GREEN colour, due to their mobilization appointment to a Unit.

In this case, the following actions must be taken:

  •  1st Action
    • Immediately after the person concerned receives the documents and reads them, fills in and signs the receipt of the Special Travel Order and puts it in the small envelope (which was dispatched along with the Special Travel Order). In case of receiving new mobilization documents to substitute the existing ones, the previous Special Travel Order should also be enclosed in the envelope, with the previous “Reservist Data Change Form” filled in, in case there is a change in his data.
  • 2nd Action::
    • Submission of the said envelope at a Post Office, without any stamp. The Post Office employee who receives the envelope should sign the Receipt bearing the Post Office’s logo, which is in the Special Travel Order (it must be previously separated from the Special Travel Order). The said receipt must be kept by the person concerned as an evidence for the delivery of the envelope to the Post Office.

Change of Address of Residence

If the regular Officer-NCO in reserve changes residence for more than three (3) months, he will absolutely have to take the following actions, depending on the case:

  • If he possesses a Special Travel Order, he has to fill his new data in the “Reservist Data Change Form” and mail it without a stamp and without putting it in an envelope (The recipient’s address has been previously completed).
  • If he does not possess a Special Travel Order, he will have to contact the Mobilizing Authority or the Recruiting Service of his district, in order to notify his new address of residence, which will be registered by the competent authorities for communication purposes, due to his/her potential employment in case of mobilization.

Guidelines-Obligations in a Period of Mobilization

In case of Mobilization, regular Officers-NCOs in reserve, who are included in the Mobilization Plan (GREEN SPECIAL TRAVEL ORDER) are called up through announcements in the Mass Media (Radio, TV, Newspapers, Internet), posting of Proclamations or through delivery of Individual Call-Up Orders.

If the announcement is made through the mass media (Overt Mobilization), then they will be called, by using one (1) of the code words registered on the upper part of the Special Travel Order, like:

  • The colour of the Special Travel Order.
  • The Omega (Ω) letter along with a number.
  • The Unit’s code number, consisting of two (2) letters, with one (1) four digit number.

If it is a Covert Mobilization, the Police Authorities hand over the Individual Call-Up Orders by receipt and reservists are obliged to depart for their Units as soon as possible. In this case, he will have to take under consideration the limited time they have in order to settle their imminent family affairs, and they should perform the following:

  • Study carefully the brief guidelines written on the Special Travel Order.
  • When departing for their Units, they should take with them:
    • Food for two (2) days (field rations).
    • The ID card and the Retired ID.
    • The mobilization documents.
    • Their Driver’s License (if any).
    • One (1) small bag with personal items.
  • Depart for the Unit registered on the Special Travel Order (or Individual Call-Up Order) immediately, in order to reach the Unit on time. For this reason, he must use any transport, combined with the tickets enclosed in the Special Travel Order. Instructions for the filling and use of the Special Travel Order tickets are inserted on the back side of the tickets. It is especially noted that the use of a private car to reach his Unit must be avoided.
  • In case of difficulty regarding reaching his Unit, he is obliged to report to the Reservists Forward Barracks recorded on section “guidelines regarding your travel”, on the front of the Special Travel Order or the Individual Call-Up Order, in order to be forwarded to his Unit from there. If he is far from the Reservists Forward Barracks, he should report to the nearest Garrison Station or Police Authority, in order to facilitate his travel.

Refresher Training Issues

The frequency of the regular Officers-NCO in reserve call for refresher training results from HAGS/MOBILIZATION DIVISION annual refresher training programming, following proposals of Major Commands-Formations. The type and duration of the refresher training varies, depending on the pursued purpose and participate in:

  • National Exercises (Field Training Exercises).
  • One (1) day Informative Visits (usually on Sunday).

The tickets, dispatched with the Special Travel Order (for those who possess one), are ONLY used in case of Mobilization and not in case of call-up for training.

Everyone is obliged to receive the mobilization documents that, potentially, may be submitted by the Mobilizing Authorities, as well as notify accordingly any changes regarding their data (residence address, etc). Non compliance with the said obligations implies a fine by the competent Recruiting Service.