Mobilization is subject to various Laws of the Hellenic Republic, which regulate matters of recruitment, chain of command, commandeering, etc. There are Laws concerning the declaration of Mobilization, the procedure of calling up reservists, the categories of reservists, the entitlement to exception or suspension of recruitment, the specification of physical fitness, the procedure of vehicles/machines commandeering, etc. To be fully briefed, the Laws and Decrees that comprise data regarding the mobilization procedures and the Reserve of the Country, are the following:

• L. 4442/29 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 339/29) (On Military and Navy Contributions and Charters under Partial or Total Mobilization)

• Emergency Law 833/37 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 351/1937) (On Army Reserve Officers)

• L. 4105/60 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 151/60) (Recruitment Status of Discharged Army Regular and Volunteer Soldiers and Warrant Officers)

• LD. 1400/73 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 114/73) (Provisions Concerning Regular Officers in Reserve)

• L. 107/73 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 195/73) (On Enlistment Suspensions of Reservists under Mobilization)

• Decision of the Minister of National Defence F.067/5/223532 dated 3/24 Dec 1973 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE B 148/73)

• LD. 445/74 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 160/74) (Armed Forces Regular NCOs-Warrant Officers Age Limits)

• PD. 468/78 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 97/78) (On Specializations of Conscript and Volunteer Women, their Supervision Agencies, the Allocation for each Service of the Armed Forces with regard to Conscripts until their Mobilization)

• PD. 636/78 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 139/78) (Regulation Issues Concerning Voluntary Enlistment of Greek Women in the Armed Forces)

• L.705/77 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 279/79) (On Recruiting Greek Women)

• L. 1513/85 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 12/85) (Recruitment Status after the Discharge of Army Soldiers under 5 years obligatory service)

• L. 2292/1995 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 35/95) (Organization and Operation of the Ministry of National Defence)

• L. 2439/96 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 219/96) (Armed Forces Regular Officers Age Limits)

• L. 2936/01 (Professional Soldiers Mobilization Appointment)

• L. 3421/2005 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 302/05) (On the Recruitment of Greek Men and Women)

• Extract of Joint Decision of the Ministry of National Defence F.429.1/3/15002/13 Jan 2006 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE B 14/2006) (Regulation of Conscripts and Reservists Enlistment Issues and Search for non Enlisted)

(Regulation of Conscripts and Reservists Enlistment Issues and Search for non Enlisted)

• Extract of Decision F.429.1/5/150045/18 Jan 2006 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE B 34/2006)

(Regulation of Reservists Recruitment Issues)

L.3883/2010 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE 167/A) [Armed Forces promotion  and chain of command

(Article 91: Armed Forces Regular Officers Age Limits)]

COMMON MINISTERIAL DECISION F. 429.1/19/281812/4 Mar 11 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE B 517/05 Apr 11) (Buying out of the rest of the alternative service of conscientious objectors, having completed the thirty fifth (35) year of age), (Definition of a fine imposed to reservists for non complying with their military obligations), (Definition of a fine imposed to draft evaders and deserters)

Ministerial Decision F.429.1/20/281813/11 Jan 11 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE B 517/05 Apr 11) [Settlement of the obligations of the conscientious objectors, having completed the thirty fifth (35) year of age]

• PD. 11/14 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE A 17/27/01/2014) (On Physical Fitness of Armed Forces Military Personnel)